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Fresh Gourmet Popcorn

Fresh Gourmet Popcorn

Whether you like it sweet, salty or both. Our popcorn is flavoured to irresistible perfection. Try flavours like our popular caramel, cheddar, kettle, classic salted butter, or specialty creations.

Candy from Artisan Makers

Candy from Artisan Makers

There’s no end to the way sugar is served! Our specialty candy selection will take your sugar fix to a whole new level of fun. Try some funky flavoured sweets from brands like Candy Labs and Peace by Chocolate.

Retro and Imported Sweets

Retro and Imported Sweets

We’re creating nostalgia like never before, and enjoying the sweetness of treats that simply can’t be replicated: there’s nothing quite like the original. Get your memories popping and dip into our selection of retro or imported sweets!

Craft Sodas

Craft Sodas

We’ve got unique blends of fizzy flavours that are hard to find. Enjoy a refreshing bottle of sassafras, orange cream soda, black currant cassis just to name a few!

Flavour Popping Slushies

Flavour Popping Slushies

Fun for everyone! Sip on our palate popping slushies, that include a mix of flavours!

Goodie Bar

Goodie Bar

What’s a party without a sweet bar? Lean on us for the perfect setup at your special event, charity socials, birthday parties and more!
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It's a family thing

About Us

The Happy Popcorn Co. is a family-run, sweet tooth lovers’ delight!  Located in the heart of downtown Cornwall, Ontario, our popular poppings are full of nose tingling nostalgia. 

Rest assured we’re not just full of hot air; our caramel-coated space creates pop’ortunities in support of local charities and organizations. Explore our flavour of the month to see how you can lend support!

However, as sweet as that may be, the cornerstone of our popping was grown from one of the deepest kernels of our heart: our son Jack!

Jack is on the Autism spectrum, and as parents, we wanted to plan for his future. Grateful to be able to open a business inspired by Jack’s love for popcorn, we set out to create a place of inclusion – not only for Jack but for others too. 

As we grow, we aspire to make this candy-coated, kernel popping, slushie slurping shop a cornucopia of employment opportunities for those with disabilities.  It is our hope that The Happy Popcorn Co. will become a field of dreams laden with inclusion, purpose, community and fun!

Bill, Kristin, Jack & Delilah



It’s almost time to get to the kernel of it and make the fundraising program here at The Happy Popcorn Co. come to life! 

We’re exploding with excitement as we get set to launch our Fundraising Pop’ortunities program, wherein groups will be able to raise money for their organization and contribute to creating a thriving, happy community.

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Perfect For:

  • Schools
  • Sports Teams
  • Dance Clubs
  • Daycares
  • Non-Profit Organizations

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